Episode 1: Husvognen

We visit Morten and talk about his experience of creating great value with simple means.

In 2018, Morten transformed a trailer car into a habitable tiny house. One year later, he transported the project from Northern Jutland to a scenic landscape near a farm in Central Jutland. The farm is a collective, which had previous connections to through the Agricultural University.

Morten walks us through an architecture that is neither an apartment or a house, but a transformation project. We gain insight into self-sufficiency and what he considers essential in creating a good and flexible life.

What creative possibilities do limitations offer? Morten will answer that. Listen to what he has to say about his architecture and the quiet life in Danish nature.

The episode includes a 35 minute interview in the Caravan, followed by 24 minute bonus of walking the grounds. Enjoy!

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Anything grand is never done alone! Thank you Oliver Thomas Edwards for copy editing, Lucie Treacher for composing the music and Morten for the conversation and the episode photograph.

Lucie Treacher
Oliver Thomas Edwards